Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation

If you refer a civil dispute to our office our first approach will be to try to resolve the matter without having to go to Court. We do this because court proceedings can be a long and expensive process. Court proceedings are adversarial and can be quite stressful no matter whether you are the plaintiff or the defendant. There can be no guarantee of success or the eventual recovery of money, even if you are successful.

This is why the first approach is to negotiate with the other side. However, sometimes it is unavoidable that you appear in a court hearing. This may be because negotiations have failed or you have been served with a statement of claim (or summons).

If you are served with a statement of claim (or summons) do not ignore it. If you fail to file a defence within 28 days you may find that the Court enters a summary judgement against you. SEEK IMMEDIATE LEGAL ADVICE.

If we represent you in Court you will find that we are thorough in preparation and strong in advocating your case. We will give you a realistic assessment of your chances of success and an indication of the likely costs if you win or lose.

There are various courts and tribunals that may hear civil matters:

  • NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal
  • NSW Local Court (Small Claims), for matters less than $10,000.00
  • NSW Local Court, for matters up to $100,000.00
  • NSW District Court, for matters up to $750,000
  • NSW Supreme Court, for matters over $750,000

For Civil matters contact our office or Bob Ramsey (0417418774)