Family Law

Family Law

The breakdown of family and personal relationships are inevitably stressful to all involved. Important decisions have to be made at a time when the people directly involved may not be thinking clearly or rationally. It is important to seek professional advice as soon as possible.

In our experience even a ‘friendly’ separation / divorce can become toxic when maters of property settlement and child custody become an issue. All parties need professional advice as to their rights and obligations.

The Family Law Act is complicated and can be difficult to navigate for those involved. If matters of separation and divorce are not resolved in manner free of disputes then the parties may spend many months (and thousands of dollars) in the already overloaded Family Court and find that they have a decision imposed upon them.

If you are involved in a separation / divorce we can assist you in property settlements, divorce applications, child custody arrangements and dispute resolution. Our aim is to guide you through difficult times through mediation and negotiation. If necessary we will strongly represent you in Family Court proceedings so that your interests are protected.

Things to remember:

  1. In child custody matters the best interests of the child come first. The family Court takes a poor view of parents who use their children as ‘weapons’ against their partners.
  2. Superannuation accounts (present and future) can be part of property settlements
  3. De Facto relationships are covered by the provisions of the Family Law Act
  4. Any partnership for a period of more than 24 months may be covered by the Family Law Act
  5. For property settlement all partners must give full financial disclosure.

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