Property transactions include the buying and selling of properties (conveyancing), leases of land or buildings, the sale and purchase of businesses.

Our aim is to guide our clients through property transactions by providing them with clear and detailed information about the processes involved so that they are fully informed as to their rights and responsibilities.

Our property solicitor has worked in the real estate industry and is a registered property valuer and has a wealth of experience in all aspects of conveyancing, commercial leases, retail leases and residential leases.

Property transactions can be a minefield of problems. Our expertise and experience will guide you through this minefield so that your transaction is conducted efficiently and as stress-free as possible.

We are always concerned that some of the low-cost conveyancing that is advertised does not provide the client focus necessary for such important transactions. There is nothing worse than a transaction falling through because of lack of preparation or expertise. This can be both stressful and costly to the client.

Our client-based focus is to make the transaction as smooth and trouble-free as possible.